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03 November 2009 @ 12:56 am

A small tribute to my favourite celeb couple ever.
Even though they're broken up (for now), Jashley will live on forever.
there"s no me without youCollapse )
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27 August 2009 @ 04:15 pm

For my first public entry, I will talk about Twitter.


This was my first tweet ever:

Graphics. Graphics. Graphics. Miley Cyrus hating. Graphics.
7:52 PM Sep 10th, 2008 from web

This was my first time @reply ing ever:

@youwontknow *big hug and miley's left arm*
8:06 PM Sep 10th, 2008 from web in reply to youwontknow

The following are my earliest tweets, and what I remember about them.
Also, the outcome for some of them. 

okay. gonna study now, even though its 10pm. not gonna fail sac. not gonna fail sac. not gonna fail sac. ahah..sac.
1:51 AM Sep 14th, 2008 from web

Oh man. I'm certain I was talking about my Methods SAC. It's funny how back then I believed 10PM was "late". 
I believe I just passed that SAC. Why? Because I passed all my Methods SACs last year with
a mark between 50 and 60. Though, looking back, I really could've done better in school.
If I hadn't treated school as just a "Let's go see friends and muck around", I would probably.... still be doing what I'm doing today.

preparing a mass hot30 attack!! Also, Wingardium Leviosa
12:42 AM Sep 24th, 2008 from mobile web
I believe this was either a "Jonas Brothers" thing, or a "Hilary Duff" thing. I'm leaning towards the latter.
Pretty sure the song was "Reach Out" as well. I remember on the Hilary Forum, we were all calling up, gettin' them mad etc;
One night, "Reach Out" didn't play despite our mass voting, and the whole forum went into an uproar. 
That's all I remember about the "mass attack".
And there I go, performing random spells.

graduated ! Great night <3
2:38 AM Oct 24th, 2008 from mobile web

Tear. I remember THIS night for sure. Matt Van Run was awarded the VISCOM award over me. 
Oh man, I was pissed! But at the same time I was kinda feeling bad cos half the class was telling Matt he didn't deserve it.
Ahaha, ahh. Anyway, I remember when I went up to get my award. Ms Haddrick said to me "It's totes been a pleasure being your teacher!"
Aw, coolest English teacher EVER.

scored ashley and vanessa's signatures, connected my wii to the net, and eating gelati. can life get sweeter?
2:08 AM Nov 12th, 2008 from web

Hm. Where to begin? Well, this was the night I went to the High School Musical 3 Premiere. Lined up for a good hour (haha) and was
rewarded when Ashley Tisdale signed my CD booklet. Yeah, it's hard to believe something that small can be so life changing.
Oh, VanessaXXX and Kenny Ortega also signed it, but who cares.
Also remembered when I connected my Wii to the net. I didn't know the password and kept typing the Internet password.
Dad comes downstairs, and is all "What are you doing?"

And I'm all "Nothing. Go away"
And he's standing there watching the password I'm typing in, and he goes "But that's not the password"
And i"m like "Eh? Sif you know"
And then long story short, he told me to try _____ and I did, and it worked, and he was all smug. 

Anyway, the point was. Fast forward to today, and look at my Tweets. All I do is badger celebs and complain.
I think I've lost the meaning of Twitter, and most of the users these days are retards.

That's it.  You can follow me on Twitter at the above link. 

Also, I think I'll end all entries with a picture of something from the entry above. 
In this case, it's
Ashley Tisdale. 
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